SIA “IC pakalpojumi” offers –

  • Consultations on labour protection issues;
  • Audit of labour protection documentation and system;
  • Establishment of a labour protection system;
  • Development of labour protection documentation or updating of existing documents;
  • Assessment and documentation of the work environment risk factors, including performance of indicative measurements of microclimate, noise and lighting;
  • Arrangement of laboratory measurements with the involvement of an accredited laboratory;
  • Development of a plan of labour protection measures based on the results of the assessment of the work environment risk factors;
  • Internal supervision, control and system maintenance of the work environment;
  • Instruction of employees on labour protection issues;
  • Development of mandatory health examination card and database;
  • Arrangement of mandatory health examination;
  • Evaluation of the use of occupational safety signs;
  • Assessment of the need for personal protective equipment;
  • Accident investigation and registration;
  • Representation of interests in the State Labour Inspectorate;
  • Informing about topicalities and news of labour protection;

“Labour protection law” of the Republic of Latvia stipulates the requirement to implement labour protection system in each company that includes:

  • Work environment risk assessment
  • Internal supervision of the work environment
  • Establishment of the organizational structure of labour protection
  • Consultations for employees in order to involve them in improving labour protection.

Where to start if you plan to implement a labour protection system in the company?
There are several options, it all depends on the size and type of the company.

This scheme will help you understand and choose:

*Cabinet Regulation No. 99 “Regulation regarding the Types of Commercial Activities in which an Employer shall Involve a Competent Authority”